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Venous Anatomy in Dallas, TX

Believe it or not, your circulatory system contains approximately 100,000 miles of blood vessels that work to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to your tissues. The three types of blood vessels in your body are arteries, capillaries, and veins. Each of these types of blood vessels plays a valuable role in keeping your body working at its best. Arteries carry blood away from your heart and deliver oxygen to your tissues. Capillaries are tiny vessels between your tissues and blood, and veins return the blood back to your heart.

Types of Veins

Veins are important structures that move your blood back to your heart. On average, veins measure between 1 and 1.5 millimeters in diameter. You have four types of veins in your body:

  • Pulmonary veins carry blood from your lungs to the left atrium of your heart.
  • After oxygen has been removed from your blood, systemic veins return the blood to the right atrium of your heart.
  • Superficial veins are the ones that you see just below the surface of your skin and are not situated near arteries.
  • Deep veins are located inside your muscles and are located near arteries.

Structure of Veins

The walls of your veins have three layers — the tunica adventitia, tunica media, and tunica intima. The tunica adventitia is the strong outer covering of the vein that is comprised of collagen and elastic fibers. The next layer, tunica media, is made of smooth muscle and elastic fibers. The final layer is the innermost layer, tunica intima and is made of an elastic membrane and smooth tissue known as “endothelium.” The valves inside your veins are found within the tunica intima layer.

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